Woodhouse Motorsports is a full service repair and aftermarket performance shop located in the Omaha area. We are teamed up with 16 of the largest dealerships in the country under the Woodhouse Auto Family brand. Woodhouse Motorsports will help you purchase, finance then build your performance cars into the dream machines you have always wanted. WMD offers upgrades for engine, suspensions, superchargers, exhaust and track setup. Our desire is to help you choose the right approach and options from trusted manufacturers to achieve this goal. Our work  at Woodhouse Motorsports is a daily labor of love and our sales, repair and service employees. We will always treat your car like they were our own. Our service personnel understand what you expect and strive to exceed it. Woodhouse Motorsports wants you to come back not because you have to, but because you want to.

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Performance Solutions

Woodhouse Motorsports performance solutions are innovative, while at the same time being reliability based which not only our Omaha customers appreciate, but clients all over the world. Industry knowledge and key proven performance options tailored for your  individual use is what we do. Solutions that provide reliability and results is what most buyers appreciate and at Woodhouse Motorsports that is what we sell.

Whether modifiying your new or current street car or custom track focused car, Woodhouse Motorsports will offer you repairs and modifications that we can stand behind and be proud of before and after the sale. Quality work is what we focus on this is why we partner with only the best suppliers in the industry. Since we are part of large dealerships located in the Omaha Ne. area at Woodhouse Auto Family we work with all performance brands Woodhouse sells. We also regularly work with makes and models we don’t. Having a unique dealership supported shop with 20+ years of experiance in performance upgrades is reassuring. Knowing we will be here is also great for handling normal servicing needs and warranty concerns. ASE trained service Techs from our 16 dealerships at Woodhouse see over 150,000 vehicles a year so current and past knowlege for your vehicle is just a phone call away.

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Performance Stages

Woodhouse Motorsports partners with industry leading performance manufacturers that provide customer care levels we ourselves strive for. Some shops try to offer everything available in a generic sales platform. Woodhouse Motorsports chooses to work with company’s that are industry leaders specializing in unique performance solutions for each vehicle. Company’s like, MCS, Belanger, Corsa, TeamTech, Eibach, Arrow Racing custom engines, Stoptech, Brembo big brake products and GLoc brake pads. ProCharger, Vortech, Magnuson and Whipple superchargers have proven themselves to us so we can confidently offer them to you. 

Knowledgeable sales and service staff work customers to find out what you love about your car and what you would like improved. Improvements can be as simple as a cold air intake and exhaust system.  We can also handle complex complete engine builds. Suspension systems are our strong points, we’ve built many cars holding track records in SCCA and NASA competitions. Suspensions can also be for increased comfort and looks, we understand the difference and can help with either.

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