6.1L SRT Challenger with the tried and true ProCharger supercharger package. The air to air intercooling offered with the ProCharger systems is the reason they make so much power, you can grab the intake piping while on the dyno and it is barley warm which makes consistent power.


Fully modified beast ready for shipping to New York customer.


Custom built Belanger headers for Hellcat, the Belanger’s feature a Tri-Y design and the pickle style collector to increase scavenging and torque in this already potent package. They will also do wonders for not S/C Challengers and Chargers.


Challenger Scat Pack SRT fitted with a black coated ProCharger supercharger system before being delivered to new customer. The ProCharger H.O. kits have been the most popular addition for the Challenger buyer.


Challenger RT built with Magnuson and S/C cam, upgraded BBK and full KW suspension. This car stops and goes with the best of them at over 600hp.

DSS_carbon fiber_driveshaft_hellcat_challenger_dodge_modifications

Carbon fiber drive shaft from the Drive Shaft Shop installed on Hellcat

Challenger_Belanger_headers_sub frame_motorsports_modifications_upgrade

SRT Hellcat Challenger with Belanger custom headers and weld in sub frame connectors.


This is the different power stages of a Hellcat build process, impressive gains without going into the engine. This car was an automatic and this is a loaded Mustang dyno.

Challenger_SRT-Hellcat_modifications_CAI_catch can_Pulley_motorsports

SRT Challenger Hellcat built with cold air intake, pulley upgrade, catch can, custom Belanger headers and tune.

Spoon_Hellcat_challenger_SRT_modifications_handling_upgrade_motorsports_Spoon adjustable control arms and camber kit installed on SRT Challenger Hellcat.