JD Hertweck has let us build two Vipers for him, the first one was an original Orange 2014 TA Viper which he used primarily as a track warrior. We will spotlight his TA first which had an MCS 2 way adjustable suspension with Eibach springs, Belanger headers and high flow cats, Corsa cat back exhaust, TeamTech harnesses, S.S. braided brake lines, upgraded track pads from Carbotech, some custom paint work, front tow hook and additional carbon fiber parts from Mopar. JD was a great driver but this car made him even better upping his confidence on track so he could push even harder.

Dodge Viper MCS suspensionBelanger headers Dodge Viper Woodhouse MotorsportsDodge Viper MCS suspensionDodge Viper MCS suspension


When the ACR Extreme was announced JD could not resist the temptation of all the additional down force the ACRE could generate so he set his sights on building an even more potent track weapon. His Y’orange colored ACRE showed up a few months later and we commenced the build. This time we added an Arrow Racing heads and cam, Belanger headers/cats, custom modified Corsa cat back with special built ACR tips in 3″. We added this time a custom built 2 quart Accusump system to insure oil pressure in long sweeping corners at 1.6 G’s. We once again swapped the wonderful ACR suspension for the even better MCS 2 way adjustable coil overs and Eibach high rate springs to support the ACR when it is being pressed to the pavement with 1700# of down force! He did TeamTech harnesses including the new rear harness bar for the 5/6 points of the 6 point harnesses. The Woodhouse body shop custom matched the Y’orange X brace and coil covers. Then we topped it off with the switch to 19/18 Forgeline GTD1 1 piece forged track wheels with Michelin slicks saving almost 60#! Needless to say JD was soon the king of the hill at his local tracks.

Dodge Viper ACR MCS suspensionDodge Viper Woodhouse Motorsports