The Dodge Challenger is one of the most modified Mopar products. There are many options to make your Challenger a drag racing warrior or even turn some hot laps at the local road course. Woodhouse Motorsports can help you with either avenue you prefer.


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The Magnuson RT


This was a fun build; starting as a simple request to supercharge his RT we quickly realized that would be too easy. Upping the ante by including a custom blower cam, new valve train, custom headers and exhaust we found ourselves needing a custom tune for a car that had not been tuned before. We enlisted a well-known Mopar speed company that is responsible for some of the fastest stock-cars there are. Removing the MDS function while retaining the factory PCM was also necessary to accommodate the cam swap. While we worked around these hurdles the owner decided it was time to upgrade the stock brakes and suspension. Choosing great products from KW and Baer brakes. Results were a very stout 600hp from that little 5.7L and a very happy customer.


The Dodge Hellcat has lived up to all the hype around it’s release and then some. Although there are only a few small modifications being implemented at this time there shows great promise for the future. There are tunes, headers from Belanger, crank pulley swaps and suspension options specific to the Hellcat. There will surely be more to come for the mighty 6.2L Dodge Hellcat

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DiabloSport Modified PCM
2015-2016 Chrysler Vehicles

Required to enable tuning on your 2015-2016 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram

Check for Application Fitment and Pricing 

DiabloSport created a solution to tune 2015 Chrysler cars & trucks, but it’s a little different than using a typical tuner. Tuning a 2015 Chrysler car or truck now requires an aftermarket PCM as well as the tuner in order for you to tune up your ride. DiabloSport can provide you all the necessary equipment (PCM and Tuner) that allows you to install a tune on your vehicle.

Here’s how it works: Provide us with your vehicle’s VIN and Odometer mileage and we will send out an aftermarket PCM and any tuning devices you need to tune the vehicle. You will replace your vehicle’s stock PCM with the aftermarket Diablo PCM through a simple process that should only take about twenty minutes. Once you have replaced the factory PCM, you can install a tune with your DiabloSport tuner and you’re ready to go!

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The first 6.4L Procharged Challenger

The ProCharger guys called and wanted a Beta car for their 6.4L program knowing that in the past Woodhouse Motorsports had provided cars and support in the field. It didn’t take long before WMD secured not only a new SRT Challenger, but also a new Charger SRT for the cars they needed. These lucky customers were treated to custom installs and tunes with a great savings. This is another great reason Woodhouse Motorsports works so close with the guys at ProCharger. Woodhouse Motorsports has built 50+ ProCharged SRT vehicles and counting. Woodhouse Motorsports was also the builder of the rare and collectable Hurst S/C Stage5 cars. The Hurst cars were all Vortech based cars prior to Woodhouse Motorsports building the first Hurst backed ProCharger car and displayed it at SEMA.

corsa 14994 challenger cat back exhaust, Omaha Nebraska.Corsa Performance  2015-16 SRT 392 / R/T SCAT PACK Xtreme Cat-Back, dual rear exit with GTX 2  tips. 2015-2016 Dodge Challenger SRT 392, Auto, 6.4L V8 **Fits Automatic Transmission ONLY2015-2016 Dodge Challenger R/T SCAT PACK, Auto, 6.4L V8 **Fits Automatic Transmission ONLBold sound levels

  • Straight-through, nonrestrictive system design, improving performance and fuel economy.
  • Increased airflow vs. Stock.
  • RSC™ Technology allows acoustically styled sound for your Challenger to give you the  performance without drone.
  •  CORSA GTX 2 tips
  • All components clamps and hangars are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.
  • Enjoy the CORSA Sound with an easy bolt-on installation.
  • 50-State emissions Legal cat back exhaust systems.
  • Limited LIFETIME Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle




Corsa exhausts feature straight through designs, offering you different sound levels, and most systems come with different tip options such as the black stealth tips and Polished double wall tips.

There is no drone with the CORSA exhaust systems the system uses RSC technology to eliminate frequencies that cause drone at cruising speeds. CORSA’s Challenger exhaust system features a patented straight-through design reducing back pressure frees up additional power.

There are 4 different sound levels available. Touring, Sport, Extreme and non-designated default systems where there is only one sound level.