Woodhouse Motorsports offers 3 variants of the WMD Edition Viper. Based on the SRT we modify them with our MCS suspension, corner weighting and track alignment. Our WMD tow hook, Girodisc 2 piece rotor upgrade, Corsa cat back exhaust and optional Belanger header system. The option to tune the PCM is now available using a replacement off-road PCM from Arrow Racing and HP Tuners sourced software package as another option. Complete with color matched X brace and special badging these will be sought after Snakes.

Wooodhouse Motrosports Viper with MCS suspension, Belanger headers.With over 50 years of experience in the racing suspension industry, Motion Control Suspension has created the newest and most advanced damper systems in the market today. Our team is proud to offer you these new systems, and the best customer service in the industry.

MCS is much more than just a great product. With many years of practical racing experience on and off the track, extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics, an understanding of driver expectations and needs, an unblinking eye for detail, and the motivation and desire to constantly achieve more. Motion Control Suspension is a company fueled by the success their products achieve in your hands. Customer support is valued as the best in the industry, which we feel is the only level that allows us to support your efforts, make you quicker, and share our joy of winning with you.

The current MCS product lineup includes 2-Way and 3-Way adjustable damper systems with remote reservoirs, as well as 1-Way and new 2-Way Non-Remote adjustable dampers for a variety of applications. While their roots are in the highest levels of professional sports car racing, Motion Control Suspension products excel in all environments, from enthusiastic street driving to auto-cross, track days to club racing and far beyond. Motion Control Suspension dampers are produced from the best materials available and can be customized to your special requirements or demands as needed. All Motion Control Suspension products are designed, machined and proudly produced in the USA. Their fully-equipped Georgia workshop handles all repairs, re-valves, and overhauls in the tight timelines demanded by the racing industry.

motion control suspension MCS modifications coil over for viper with Eibach springs.Dodge Viper with MCS shocks and headers at Woodhouse Motorsports.Woodhouse Motorsports has chosen Belanger Performance Headers and exhaust systems for over a decade. Here is a list of the great benefits the Belanger system brings with it from over 50 years of experience. 

Header Features:

  • Dyno tuned and track tested long tube Tri-Y Headers.
  • Laser cut 5/16″ header plates.
  • Mandrel bent 1 3/4″ port  matched D-ported equal length primary tubes.
  • Primary tubes constructed of aluminized tubing run 50% cooler than stainless steel stock exhaust.
  • 3″ collectors.
  • High temperature ceramic metallic coating
  • Comes complete with Gaskets, Hardware, and Header Hookups.


Side Pipe Exhaust Features:


  • 3″ high flow cat converters are fully heat  shielded to run much cooler than stock cats.
  • Oxygen sensor extensions – utilize  factory connectors. Requires no cutting or splicing of wires.
  • 3 1/2″ polished stainless steel rolled tips.
  • Deep rich tone sounds as good as your Viper looks.
  • Gaskets, hardware, and instructions included.
  • Complete bolt on system- no cutting or welding!
  • Weighs almost 20 lbs less than stock system.
  • Aluminized tubing runs 50% cooler than stainless steel stock exhaust.
  • Limited life time warranty.

dodge viper belanger headers triY design and modifications at Woodhouse Motorsports.

Arrow Racing Gen IV Stage2 Performance package


 •Custom Calibration for VENOM controller (Reflash of customers PCM, see bottom of page) •Revised fuel, spark and throttle maps •Aggressive idle quality and exhaust note •Requires Premium fuel. Rev limit increased to 6700 rpm •Final drive ratios from 3.07:1 to 4.10:1. •First to fourth gear skip shift eliminated •Catalyst monitor disabled •Air flow rationality disabled •Fixed Cam with Increased Lift & Duration •Increased Intake Valve Size 2.125” •Performance Dual Valve Springs •Performance Lifters •Performance Pushrods

Features Continued:

•Increased Performance Cylinder Heads •H-Beam Forged Connecting Rods  •Forged MAHLE Pistons w/ valve pockets •Gen V Composite Intake Manifold •Requires high flow exhaust system (not included in package •Price includes engine assembly, parts, labor, dyno validation  •Does not include shipping or engine R&R costs. 

Arrow Racing GenV Viper Stage 2 kit

Horsepower Estimated  740 HP


  • Custom Calibration for VENOM 2 controller
  • Fixed Cam with Increased Lift & Duration 
  • Increased Performance Cylinder Heads
  • Increased Intake Valve Size
  • Performance Valve Springs
  • Performance Lifters
  • Performance Pushrods

Camshaft specification:

  • Fixed billet camshaft core – 5160 heat treated
  • Intake lobe is 234 duration and 0.617” valve lift
  • Exhaust Lobe is 242 duration and 0.617” valve lift
  • 115 LSA with a +1 degree advance


  • dual spring that is micro polished
  • Permits 0.700” lift
  • Higher load to control the spring up to 8400 rpm – required as we are running tight Piston to Valve clearance
  • Requires custom spring seat, seal, and retainer

Cylinder Head:

  • Increased Intake valve size 2.125”
  • Increased throat size and port volume (297cc / 105cc)
  • Increased flow of about 20 cfm at 0.617” lift.
  • Machined for the new spring seat and seal


  • Low travel hydraulic link bar lifter (0.050” total travel vs.  0.120” total travel  from production)


  • One piece chrome molly thick with tapered ends


CORSA exhaust

Woodhouse Motorsports work with Corsa exhaust systems the pinnacle of exhaust technology.

CORSA’s Patented Reflective Sound Cancellation® Technology is designed for an AGGRESSIVE SOUND under acceleration and a DRONE-FREE EXPERIENCE during cruise. Unwanted, low frequency sound waves are diverted through specifically designed channels and are reversed 180 degrees. Our patented technology is engineered to target and eliminate unwanted frequencies that cause interior resonance and drone. Acoustic tuning creates an aggressive sound under acceleration that is styled to match the personality of your vehicle. A straight-through, unrestricted design reduces back pressure; increasing engine efficiency, horsepower and torque.


ACR Viper with Corsa modified custom tips MCS logo Woodhouse motorsportsGenV viper corsa 14416 cat back exhaust.Competition blue viper with orange IPSCO towhook modifications.

Woodhouse Motorsports can do custom corner weight and race alignment setup of your Viper. We use weight inside the car to simulate drivers weight while all of the calibration, adjustment and alignment is done. Doing it this way so you get the very best performance from your Viper. 80% of all new Vipers have alignments reset to insure uniformity (the factory alignment has high and low tolerances) that can in the end be way off compared to optimal. Spending hard earned cash on a new car don’t give up the least bit of potential. A track alignment will also give your Viper better road manners with less tramlining and darting on uneven roads.

Corner  balancing a car helps the handling be consistent turning left or right. Corner weighting will also help braking performance by keeping the contact patched more evenly weighted during hard braking.Dodge viper TA 2.0 track setup alignment after MCS suspension install.

2013-2016 Viper Gen V RACE Control Module Kit Components:

  • ARR-50956AA  (2013-2014) Gen V Race  Control Module (RCM)
  • ARR-50956BA  (2015-2016) (DEC Trans .63 Ratio) Gen V Race  Control Module (RCM)
  • ARR-50956BB  (2015-2016) (DD1 Trans .50 Ratio) Gen V Race  Control Module (RCM)
  • ARR-IS-956AA  Installation SheetViper Gen V Race Control Module Kit Features:
    • Revised fuel, spark and cam position tables that maximize power increases associated with engine modifications and/or exhaust systems
    • Aggressive off-throttle exhaust note
    • Requires min 93 octane fuel.
    • Rev limit increased to 6600 rpm with decreased hysteresis.
    • Allows racing approved final drive ratios from 3.07:1 to 4.10:1.
    • First to fourth gear skip shift eliminated for racing use.
    • Catalyst monitor disabled to allow the use of high flow / or no catalyst and headers
    • Air flow rationality diagnostic disabled which permits greater range of flow modifications
    • Misfire detection disabled to permit reduce mass rotating assemblies and further modifications
    • Includes all 2014 production updates.
    • Not intended to work with superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous or power levels above 675 BHP


    This device is not legal for use on pollution-controlled vehicles certified for use on streets or highways. Once this device is installed, use on a street or highway is a violation of the Clean Air Act, potentially subjecting the operator and the installer to civil penalties.

arrow racing pcm offroad Viper modifications.

PDF for care and feeding of your CCB braking system on the 2016-17 Viper ACR