Woodhouse Motorsports Modifications


Stryker orange Dodge Viper with IPSCO Tow hook Motorsports modifications and teamtech harnesses

Stryker Orange ACR modifications with full Belanger exhaust and custom made 3″ tips. Arrow Racing PCM, Team Tech harnesses and competition alignment and corner weighting.

Dodge Challenger with ProCharger supercharger modifications.

Dodge Challenger SRT 392 modifications with ProCharger H.O. Supercharger and custom dyno tune making 620hp. Custom stripe package and Eibach motorsports coil springs.

GenV SRT Viper, Team Tech, modifications Dodge.

2013 GenV SRT Viper with Team Tech 6 point harnesses installed.

Dodge Viper ACR Extreme modifications, TeamTech, Belanger, MCS in our shop.

Fully built 9.0L stroker with Arrow Racing heads and cam package. Other modifications include Belanger headers and exhaust and Team Tech 6 point harnesses. Accusump supplemental  oiling system and track set up make this a true motorsports wonder.

Dodge Viper carbon fiber modifications, Belanger headers, Arrow Racing motorsports.

Arrow Racing heads and cam Viper with full Belanger headers and exhaust. Modifications to heat shielding and custom made carbon fiber X-brace and coil covers round out these upgrades.

Dodge Challenger SRT 6.1L with Magnuson supercharger modifications.

6.1L SRT Challenger with Magnuson supercharger installed.

GenV Dodge Viper ACR Extreme with MCS modifications, teamtech harness, Motion Control Suspension, Arrow Racing, Belanger motorsports.

2016 Viper ACR Extreme with Arrow Racing heads and cam package. Belanger headers, Corsa cat back exhaust, Team Tech harnesses and Accusump oiling system. MCS suspension swap set up and corner weighting. This car runs Forgeline GTD1 wheels 19″ rear and 18″ front in order to mount Michelin motorsports racing slicks.

2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R modifications, Eibach motorsports Torsen.

Rare 2000 Mustang Cobra R with 5.4L engine, Woodhouse Motorsports installed Torsen differential and gear set. Perfect set up for this track car completed with a competition alignment.

Dodge_Viper_TA_2.0_stripes_teamtech_woodhouse_Ipsco_MCS_motion_control_suspension_motorsports_belanger headers

The first delivered GenV Viper TA 2.0, custom striped here at Woodhouse. We installed a full Belanger header/Exhaust package. Then Team Tech harnesses along with Arrow Racing tuned PCM. MCS suspension upgrade, corner weighted and track prep set up.

Ford mustang boss 302 racecar modifications motorsports girodisc corvette.

Two Mustang Boss 302’s in for pre track day prep including Girodisc 2 piece rotor upgrade. Fresh Hoosier tires and competition alignments completed their service. This Corvette is having a ProCharger supercharger installed before being delivered to the new buyer.

Dodge Viper ACR Extreme modifications include MCS suspension, TeamTech harnesses and Arrow Racing 9.0L heads and cam engine.

Dodge Viper ACR Extreme on the alignment rack after Arrow Racing 9.0L stroker and heads/cam package. This car also was fitted with our first Accusump system to prevent any oil issues at the track. We installed custom 3 way MCS suspension and higher rate Eibach springs. Belanger headers and cat back along with Team Tech harnesses.

Building an Arrow Racing heads and cam Viper engine with modifications.

Building one of the first Arrow heads and cam Vipers.  Technician Joe Janousek insuring everything is perfect before re installing.

Camaro SS with modifications including Magnuson supercharger and Eibach suspension.

New Chevy Camaro SS getting a Magnuson supercharger installed.

Chevrolet Camaro SS with modifications including ProCharger supercharger system.

Camaro SS getting a ProCharger supercharger installed. This was a great local customer that we supercharged seven out of his ten muscle cars!

Forf De Tomaso Pantera transaxle with modifications including gear set upgrade and polished case.

72′ Pantera that we built custom headers for, went through the transaxle and polished the housing. Custom built Roush racing 351 engine provided over 450hp to this classic.


This was the first delivered Dodge Hellcat, it had custom built Belanger Try-Y headers installed. A custom tune to go along with smaller pulley, catch cans and cold air intake system. This beautiful car  had upgraded suspension components installed from Eibach and Spohn. We welded in sub frame connectors helping to put down the additional Hellcat power.

Viper_IPSCO-_ow hook_motorsports

Gen4 Dodge Viper sporting the custom Woodhouse Motorsports front tow hook from IPSCO.

dodge_viper_TA_modifications_MCS_eibach_Belanger_Corsa_motorsports_Team TechOrange Dodge Viper TA 1.0 built before delivery to customer. Belanger headers, Corsa cat back exhaust, 2 way MCS coil over suspension, DSE catch can. Extra attention to heat wrapping engine compartment and Team Tech harnesses.