Woodhouse Motorsports employees have all had a Mustang or two at some point, many of us more than once. We have been involved with national level autocrossing, open track time trials and drag racing. We know just how versatile the Mustang platform is in any of these arenas. Woodhouse Motorsports offers options for all these and knowledge to help you get the most out of your Mustang at the track or the strip.


Ford Mustang GT350 pertformance parts and track build.Ford Mustang GT350R Motorsports on track.


Mustang Bolt-On Up to 240+ HP with ProCharger Intercooled Systems and Tuner Kits!

Building on more than 20 years of forced induction engineering and innovation. ProCharger is the first centrifugal supercharger manufacturer to design and release a supercharger system for 2015-16 Mustang GT’s. With an original billet aluminum bracket design and compact belt-drive system, ProCharger P-1SC-1 systems and tuner kits, with highly effective air-to-air intercooling, continue to lead the industry in OEM-style fit and finish, ease of installation, and reliable performance.

ProCharger Systems are supplied with tuning calibrations and handheld programmer set for a 55%+ HP (Stage II, 9 psi) or 45-50% HP (HO, 8 psi) power gain over stock, running pump gas. Featuring the most advanced and durable superchargers, with the industry’s coolest charge air temperatures, much higher power levels are possible with higher boost and custom tuning.

Installation of this system is the easiest of any Mustang supercharger system to date. With a suggested installation time of around 5-6 hours, a customer can install this system in his/her garage with common hand tools, in an afternoon. For the collector/lease-owner in mind, the HO system is 100% reversible, with no trimming or cutting to any factory OEM plastics or hardware. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have your choice of multiple supercharger and bracket finishes: satin, polished, or our new black finish.

2015 mustang ProCharger for S550 5.0 modifications power adder.




corsa 4328 mustang gt motorsports exhaust.

Corsa exhaust for your Mustang

Corsa exhausts feature straight through designs, different sound levels, and most systems come with different tip options such as the black stealth tips and Polished double wall tips.

There is no drone with the CORSA exhaust system because the CORSA exhaust system uses RSC technology to eliminate problem frequencies that cause interior drone/resonance at cruising speeds. CORSA’s Ford Mustang exhaust system features a patented non-restrictive Straight-through design reduces back pressure and frees up additional power resulting in improved horsepower and torque. As an additional bonus, your Ford Mustang can result in greater fuel economy because of less back pressure and more power.

There are 4 different sound levels available. Touring, Sport, Extreme and non-designated default systems where there is only one sound level. Xtreme – their loudest offering for those who want the loudest race sounding system out their with an aggressive tone, CORSA’s Sport systems for their mid sound level is a great alternative for customers who want an aggressive sounding unique exhaust but who do not necessarily want to hear it all the time. The sport option is a good option for mildly modified vehicles and for comfortable highway cruising, CORSA’s Touring exhaust is their quietest system for those with highly modified engines or those who wish to only have a slightly louder tone then stock. If there is no designation on sound level in the part name then the sound level is somewhere between a Sport and a Touring system.

Corsa Exhausts feature 304 Stainless construction throughout and are made in the USA. Corsa dB Series exhausts are their lower cost alternatives for trucks that feature mixed materials for construction and single wall tips depending on application.



sw-exhaust-and-headersSW mustang cat mustang 5.0 headers Power.

Stainless Works Ford Mustang Headers – Increase performance and improve sound with our Ford Mustang headers, designed with 1-7/8″ primary tubes and 3″ diameter lead pipes. These 304 stainless steel headers are TIG welded with 3/8″ thick flanges and 3″ diameter slip fit collectors with merge spikes. You get superior performance with a lifetime guarantee.

Available with a variety of options: Choose from our high-flow catalytic converters or off-road pipes. Also choose your connection point: Factory Connect easily mates to the factory connection point (to the factory exhaust), or Performance Connect, to pair with one of our Stainless Works Ford Mustang exhausts, which retains a full 3″ diameter, and doesn’t neck down.

SW mustang GT cat back exhaust.Stainless Works Mustang GT 5.0L 304 stainless steel 3″ catback dual-exhaust with X-pipe, retro chambered mufflers with 2.5″ cores and mirror-polished stainless steel slash-cut conical double-wall tips. Includes hangers and clamps and is designed to mate to Stainless Works Ford Mustang headers (which maintains a full 3″ diameter, and does not neck-down.) (For a more aggressive sound you can go with the 3 inch core muffler version.)

About Stainless Works Muffler Types: The S-Tube Muffler is a louder Muffler and More aggressive Muffler with a straight thru design. The Turbo Chambered Muffler Has and interior chambered design which gives a moderate volume and moderate aggressivene