Woodhouse Motorsports ACR Extreme having a 9.0L stroker heads and cam engine installed complete with dry sump oiling system. This package makes 800hp and 750 ft/tq in naturally aspirated form! With the 1700# of downforce the ACR generates this is a beast on track only a few can use all of.

motorsports ACR Extreme 9.0L heads and cam with dry sump.

Dodge Challenger RT getting head cam and magnuson supercharger modification.

Dodge Challenger RT 5.7L getting pistons/rods, heads and a custom supercharger cam installed prior to a Magnuson supercharger system. this car also received a custom set of Belanger headers.

Arrow Racing ported motorsports lower intake for Viper.

Custom ported lower intake from a Gen4 Viper, power increases up to 25RWHP were common from this change.

Arrow Racing viper motorsports heads with aftermarket big valves. Motorsports MCS shocks on this Viper ACR Extreme.

Dodge Viper specific MCS suspension products and canister mounts, Woodhouse Motorsports is the exclusive Viper MCS dealer in the US. contact us if you have any questions on these premium shocks.

MCS motion control suspension for motorsports. Dodge Viper with MCS suspenion getting a motorsports alignment. Woodhouse Motorsports shop. custom motorsports front tow hook on a dodge viper. Corvette ProCharger supercharger power adder, Motorsports blown.

The Corvette becomes even more potent after adding the excellent ProCharger products giving you more than 650hp with no other modifications needed. HP per dollar gains cannot be matched with other adders.

Dodge Viper wit Arrow heads and cam Belanger headers. Comp blue TA 2.0 Viper with custom stripes.

Woodhouse Motorsports can also do custom paint work from stripes to color matching components under the hood making your unique car even more your own.

Com blue Dodge Viper TA 2.0 with custom orange WMD front tow hook.

Custom powder coated WMD front tow hook.

Dodge Viper with Arrow Racing PCM at Woodhouse Motorsports. Dodge Viper TA with MCS suspension modifications and Belanger headers. Corvette ProCharger modifications with supercharger at Woodhouse Motorsports. Maclaren at Woodhouse Motrosports. Woodhouse Motorsports shop with Dodge Vipers.

A rare moment of rest for Joe while building new car for customer and finishing an Arrow heads and cam build for a local racer on his Gen4 Viper.

Viper front tow hook on black TA with custom orange powder coat IPSCO WMD Gen5 Vipers in the shop getting MCS suspensions and headers.

Two more MCS suspension cars being converted along with Belanger headers.

MCS 2 way shocks on Viper. Eibach springs and Motion Control Suspension on Viper TA. 2 peice rotors Viper MCS suspension canister adjustable shocks. Stryker purple Viper ACR Bill Pemberton Joe Janousek.

Personal touches during delivery make every new car purchase special for a Woodhouse Motorsports customer.

Viper ACRX racecar modifications.

Gen5 Viper with TeamTech harness mounting points. Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Dodge Challenger Hellcat carbon fiber drive shaft from DSS. Dodge Challenger Hellcat with Spohn suspension components. Challenger Hellcat with custom Belanger headers and subframe connectors. Dodge Challenger Hellcat subframe connectors woodhouse.

Prepping the floor pan for final welding of these sub-frame connectors on a track worthy Challenger.

Viper with MCS suspension and Belanger headers. Assembling Arrow Racing heads and cam for Dodge Viper. Viper ACR Extreme, Challenger Hellcat and others in shop for modifications. Dodge Viper TA 2.0 competition blue 1st edition Carbon edition WMD motorsports. Gen4 Doodge Viper ACRX with Arrow Racing heads and cam swap and MCS 3 way suspension.

Finished Arrow Racing Gen4 heads and cam package and 3 way MCS suspension turned out awesome and made 699hp on customers Dynojet!

Dodge Viper motor mount Woodhouse Motorsports.

Woodhouse Motor mounts developed by our racing team back in 2003 have sold extremely well, helping eliminate wheel hop, driveline wind up and throttle response.

Dodge Viper with DSE airbox heat sheild. The Doug Shelby Engineering Viper air-box heat shields can lower intake air temps by more than 20 degrees in stop and go situations. The radiator cooling fans blow hot air right at the underside of this box causing temps to rise quickly when not moving. These are also a must for any drag racers who sit for long periods in the staging lines.

ProCharger supercharged Challenger. ProCharger installed on Challenger SRT. SRT Challenger 6.1L ProCharger supercharger system. Magnuson supercharged Camaro. Gen2 Viper in the shop at Woodhouse Motorsports. Mustang and Corvette in for Girodisc brakes and Enkie wheels. Dodge SRT Challenger 6.1L with ProCharger intercooler.

The key to ProChargers power lies in their super efficient intercooler designs making it possible to feel intake piping even during a full power run on the dyno!

SRT Jeep with Magnuson supercharger. Gen5 Dodge Viper TA getting Belanger headers and high flow cats. SRT Challenger 6.4L with polished ProCharger and intercooler. Building heads and cam Vipers at Woodhouse. Joe working on the Arrow Racing heads and cam package

SRT 392 Challeger getting ProCharger supercharger and custom green strut brace.

This was the 1st ever 6.4L SRT8 ProCharger system ProCharger did with our help, we took the car to their facility for the final tuning that went into their systems kit. This car made 660 hp on the ProCharger dyno.

Belanger headers installed on Challenger RT getting a Magnuson supercharger. Belanger headers Dodge Challenger RT triY collectotors motorsports.

Dodghe Viper ACR on the dyno after Arrow Racing heads and cam install.

Checking power on the first production ready Arrow heads and cam package built at Woodhouse Motorsports, final kits averaged 730 hp with headers and the tune.

Arrow heads and cam installation for Gen5 Dodge Viper at Woodhouse. Dodge Viper at Woodhouse ACRX white. Belanger headers Dodge Viper cats, heat wrap, O2 sensors. Wrapping all the electrical connections and wires during any header install or track car prep can save you down time, never skimp in this step, Woodhouse Motorsports includes this process in all of our installs.

Viper ACR Extreme getting MCS 3 way suspension with Eibach springs. Viper getting MCS motion control suspension and eibach springs, ACR.

Easy adjustment on the MCS suspensions make quick changes at the track possible without removing the wheels. With 15 clicks of adjustment range MCS shocks can handle any rate coil springs you decide to try.

Dodge Viper with Belanger headers and a WMD PDC heat sheild.

The WMD heat shield for the PDV box along with wrapping the harnesses when doing any header install. Whenever you add headers to a vehicle make sure you take into account any potential heat related issues that could come up. Chasing down melted wires under factory looms and covers is difficult and repairing these issues is even harder so prep before not after.

Gen5 Viper ACR E with red TeamTech harnesses. Woodhouse Motorsports has been using and installing the TeamTech products for 15 years and we feel they are the absolute best safety products. With snap in mounting it is easy to remove your harnesses when not at the track. Please remember that using harnesses on the street is very dangerous because you are held so tight the only part of your body that will absorb an impact is your neck. Factory 3 point belts are designed to let you move slightly lessening the load on any one part of your body.

Motion Control Suspension for Viper ACR Extreme. Heads and cam Viper engine build at Woodhouse Motorsports. Dodge Viper Arrow heads and cam ACR extreme motorsports. Belanger headers on Gen5 Viper. When using the Arrow PCM you do not need to run the rear O2 sensors with headers so you can remove them and close the bung with a threaded plug. This will totally eliminate the worrisome burning of the wires at the track. if you do choose to leave them in make sure you use a generous amount of heat wrapping all the way from top of the sensor to covering the plug.

S.S. braided brake lines on Viper.

Stainless steel braided brake lines for track cars can greatly reduce the confidence reducing soft feel normal lines can get when heated up at the track. The factory lines are fine for 90% of track rats, but if you are a late braking driver or frequent tracks that are harder on brakes with less cooling opportunity on the straights these may be a great option. Be sure to swap your factory fluid out at the same time replacing with a fine product from Motul or Castrol.

Belanger headers on Dodge Viper ACR. Dodge Vipers in for maoifications at Woodhouse Motorsports. Teamtech harnesses for Viper 6 point. Teamtech 6 point harnesses can be built in hundreds of color combinations to match with your car including choice of patch colors and pad colors. Teamtech makes the absolute best safety equipment for the track driven vehicle and is exclusively offered at Woodhouse Motorsports, don’t trust your safety to cheap safety equipment.

Carbon fiber engine covers and X brace on Dodge Viper. Dodge_Viper_Arrow_heads and cam_Woodhouse_Joe_motorsports Joe taking advantage of the engine being out to wrap some heat sensitive areas in the engine compartment.

Viper_Arrow_racing_heads_cam_engine_V10 Dodge_V10_viper_engine Arrow_racing_heads and cam_Woodhouse_Joe Janousek_motorsports Dodge Viper ACR Extreme modifications, Arrow heads and cam, belanger headers.Dodge_Viper_ACR _Woodhouse_extreme_Motorsports_modifications_cars


Woodhouse Motorsports has a 2 car hauler that we use to pick up and deliver new cars and to haul cars back and forth for performance builds. We offer this service at very reasonable rates with the comfort of knowing that we own them and the drivers work for Woodhouse you have no worries about the white glove treatment of your vehicles.


When doing a heads and cam or 9.0L build we of course heat wrap all the critical hoses, coolant lines and wiring including our custom PDC box heat shield.


ACR Extreme getting an MCS suspension before delivery, the MCS product line is one of the main performance parts Woodhouse Motorsports recommends to get the absolute best from your track car and with hundreds of thrilled customers the reviews speak for themselves.

Viper ACR getting heads and cam engine builds at Woodhouse Motorsports.The rush for Arrow Racing heads and cam builds had multiple cars torn down at a time, delivery to customers in a timely manner is always important at a dealership, but impeccable work is our main priority at Woodhouse Motorsports.