Porsche customers that enjoy tracking their car knows how critical the proper set up is. Woodhouse Motorsports knows that each driver has their own style and we can help optimize it. We know the changes it takes to get the most out of their automobiles. With a full line of suspension components from (MCS) Motion Control Suspension to enhance your track experience we can answer any questions you may have. Ongoing track support and preparations to keep you safe are the most critical service we can provide.  Prefer your Porsche remain stock? you will still want to insure it stays 100% before you head to the track.

Porsche 911R woodhouse WMD.


Woodhouse has been the premier Porsche dealer in the Midwest for more than a decade. Hard to find models like the incredible 911R at our fingertips we should be your first choice when looking for a new Porsche.


2017 911R Porsche motorsports WMD.2017 911R Porsche motorsports WMD carbon fiber.


Woodhouse Motorsports have seasoned Porsche Technicians that can handle both new and old. We also have a great in house body shop capable of full restorations or just fixing a little curb rash.


Woodhouse porsche 911 turbo, WMD.Woodhouse Porsche speedster.



2018 Porsche GT2RS woodhouse track, WMD edit.

Exhaust and performance upgrades are popular in all car cultures. Porsche specific options are many, hence it is difficult to choose from. Woodhouse Motorsports can help you choose the right ones for your desired needs. There’s no worry if components work well together, we will design a package that you can be confident in on the street and the track. Give us a call today and discuss your desires.