MCS Motion Control Suspension has created the newest and most advanced damper systems in the market today, with more than 50 years of experience in the suspension industry and racing. Our team is proud to offer you these new systems, our proven worldwide expertise, and the best customer service in the industry.

MCS is much more than just a great product. Woodhouse Motorsports has years of racing experience on and off the track. Knowledge of vehicle dynamics, understanding of driver expectations and needs, and an eye for detail. Woodhouse Motorsports has the motivation and desire to constantly achieve more. Our company is fueled by the success of the products put in your hands. Our customer support is valued as the best in the industry, allowing us to support your efforts, make you quicker, and share our joy of winning with you.

MCS products include 2-Way and 3-Way adjustable damper systems with remote reservoirs. 1-Way and new 2-Way Non-Remote adjustable dampers for a variety of applications.  Motion Control Suspension products excel in all environments, enthusiastic street driving, auto-cross, track days, Club racing and onto professional race series they support. Suspensions are produced from the best materials and can be customized to your special requirements as needed. All MCS products are designed, machined and proudly produced in the USA. A US based Georgia workshop handles all repairs, re-valves, or overhauls in the often tight timelines needed for the racing industry.


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The MCS 2-Way damper has a full 14 clicks of compression adjustment and 18 clicks of rebound adjustment. Remote reservoirs for fluid temperature control.

MCS 2-Ways are dependable, repeatable and valve adjustment covers a wide range of spring rates limiting the need to re-valve every time you want to increase or decrease spring rates. Reservoir pressure can be adjusted 100 to 275 psi helping support the chassis in fast cornering. Another benefit it helps to generate more weight transfer and traction.


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dodge viper ACR extreme with MCS suspension, eibach springs and CCB brakes. dodge viper ACR extreme with MCS suspension, eibach springs and CCB brakes. SRT viper competition alignment and setup at woodhouse


The MCS 1WNR damper Well-mannered on the street but capable of making stiffer rated springs feel smooth. You can turn up the damping levels and have the capability to go win races.

Motion Control dampers are packed with technical features with a beautifuly clean execution. The monotube design with more oil capacity is very stable and has better heat dissipation than twin tube dampers. Low-friction side-load support is unmatched by lesser shocks inverted and converted for struts. MCS’s large main piston provides fast, accurate response. The divider piston separates oil and gas for cavitation free operation which often causes noises and slop.

Springs and camber plates not included with MCS shock, but can be ordered separately through Woodhouse Motorsports.

All the MCS dampers are re-buildable and serviceable, they can be custom-valved and upgraded any time in the future.


The MCS 3-Way damper is the best dampers for professional series racers that demand repeatable predictable performance. 3-Way remote reservoir canister designed to give the suspension engineer,  tuner and drivers more control by adding adjustment to the low-speed compression.

14 clicks of high-speed compression, 5 clicks low-speed compression, and 18 clicks of rebound adjustment, the high-speed adjuster and can be adjusted independently Reservoir pressure can be adjusted 100 to 275 psi helping to support the chassis in fast corners and generate more weight transfer at low velocity.

The low-speed compression adjuster to better control both body roll at turn-in. Pitch and squat movements are reduced with low-speed compression damping quickly increase traction on bumpy tracks.


About Hyperco

Better Performance longer lasting

Hyperco precision engineered, high-performance suspension springs with the related components supporting the motorsports, street performance and off-road/powersports markets. The stock configuration and custom suspension products improve the total performance, aesthetics and durability of your performance vehicle.

A Heritage of Winning

Hypercoils, were pioneered by Jim Fielder in the early 1960s. He was instrumental in developing the spring designs and their dominance in the motor racing industry. The spring designs and technology that originated from Fielder have evolved into what is today known as the Hyperco brand.

In 1996, Hyperco joined MW Industries Inc. to become one of the top spring and specialty fastener manufacturers in the nation. Today, Hyperco products are engineered and manufactured at our sister locations of Matthew Warren Spring in Logansport, IN and Pontotoc Spring in Pontotoc, MS.

Our high-performance suspension spring product line has grown and evolved over the years. Hyperco is still proudly known as the racing spring company. Now, we use that same winning technology from Motorsports, in our suspension springs for Street Performance, Road Cars, Off-Road and Powersports markets.

Hyperco springs are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.




The Eibach Pro Kits lower your car’s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration. Body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking are also more controlled. Reducing excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look great.


eibach springs prokit.


Extreme Performance Race Springs


Eibach ERS system provides a huge range of spring rates and suspension travel for many applications.

Eibach springs are used by teams in Formula 1,  WRC , Le Mans/GT, and Touring-Car Series.



ERS Group springs.