Headers and exhaust upgrades have always been considered the first step in a performance car build no matter what you plan to use your car for. There are different types that help performance in the highest RPM ranges (drag racing) and others that help produce the best power and acceleration “under the curve” (street and road racing applications) where you spend most of your time. Although there are many upgrades manufacturers available, Woodhouse has worked most closely with Belanger headers. The Belanger brand of Tri-Y headers produce the best performance upgrades for all applications. Their build quality and coatings inside and out contain heat and maintain exhaust speed while the exterior coating keeps engine bay temps in check.


Belanger headers upgrades, Motorsports application coated.




Suspensions are a natural next step for upgrades, many buyers looking for improved ride, handling and looks for their new performance car. Woodhouse Motorsports works closely with MCS (Motion Control Suspension) to bring our customers the pinnacle of performance, quality and durability. We also work with company’s like Eibach and KW for various vehicles. Being able to tailor your cars suspension upgrades to your needs and driving style can greatly improve your overall driving enjoyment and give you a stable platform to increase your confidence at the track or on the road.

Woodhouse Motorsports has been working with track cars since the 80’s starting with Bob Woodhouse’s Pantera racecar. He later moved to the Dodge Vipers that ultimately lead him to the SCCA World Challenge series. Our suspension understanding and setup have made many of our customers track record holders.


ViperACR MCS Motion control suspension upgrades, Eibach modifications.KW Suspension on challenger, baer brakes rotor upgrades.

MCS and Eibach suspension upgrades control Viper and other performance cars.

Track alignment for performace upgrades modification.