Arrow Racing prepped heads popular for 2008-2010 Vipers and the new Gen5 2013+ Vipers included in the heads and cam packages Woodhouse Motorsports provides. Arrow Racing developed and tests all the Viper and SRT engines, their offerings to the aftermarket are designed with the same rigorous testing as OEM, a huge benefit when thinking of modifying your new Viper. 

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MCS suspensions are the pinnacle in the motorsports world. Woodhouse Motorsports has worked with Motion Control Suspensions since they opened shop. Evolving from the well known Moton brand, after they were sold the engineering and service staff broke off to start MCS along with one of the former owners. The MCS shocks are proven at the track in many racing series and provide an incredible ride even using racecar rate spring packages.

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For all major modifications we suggest doing a before (baseline) dyno and then an after completion dyno. This is not just for a printed horsepower sheet buy a chance for you and us to verify that all systems are working as they should. With 90% of all our builds being shipped hundreds or thousands of miles away we try our hardest to provide you with peace of mind when your Viper arrives at your door.


The Belanger TriY header design also incorporates the Belanger “pickle”. This velocity increasing portion helps scavenging and increases torque, one of the main components that makes Belanger the best at the track. With a thermal coating inside the tubes as well as the outside exhaust gas is kept hot inside for increased velocity and heat is rejected from the outside to keep the engine bay cooler.


Woodhouse Motorsports works with many different company’s to provide custom carbon fiber parts unique to your liking, one more way you can separate your Viper from the other guys. We have done hundreds of custom cars so ask us what is possible.


Woodhouse Motorsports Technicians go the extra mile on all our work ensuring every detail is done and if there is a better way to do something we do it so you don’t need to worry about it.






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